Contrary Acres
Now is the time for a little Contrary Thinking

What happened to the good old fashioned quality, values, ethics, and honesty of our grandparent’s days. I mean let’s face it, everything seems to be going faster and faster today. Society is in a hurry to get somewhere...anywhere, just so long as it is done fast. And at what cost??? It seems like everything now is about saving a buck and large corporations seem to have little concern for quality and service.

Here lies the “contrary” catch. While we like some of the benefits of the modern age, we like the old fashioned, down home way of doing things from our grandparents days and sometimes doubt that "progress" is going in the right direction. So we decided to do things our way. A “back to basics” if you will. Doing things more on our terms. Striving to provide quality restoration parts and excellent service. This isn’t easy to do though. It goes against almost all of the commercialization that corporate America has engrained into society. It requires a lot of thinking outside of the requires a lot of “Contrary Thinking.” But, it’s worth it!!!

If you have any questions, please feel free to phone us at 402-744-2141 or email us at i[email protected]